We are all too aware of the inhumanity in the world around us; the repugnant acts of depravity such as that I describe above. Thank goodness we don't, in general, have to contend with such wickedness in our country.
What could have driven a professional young man to such rage? It occurred to me that many people assume when someone does something wrong on the road it is a sign of disrespect to the other driver, instead of the more likely reasons, namely, uncertainty of the way, stress or confusion.
The team's long awaited victory on Sunday over the Carolina Panthers proved that life goes on and darkness can give way to light. The win was celebrated with such vigour as it proved that the team can draw themselves together and perform.
I feel the need to vent my spleen on the subject of tailgating. For those of you not in the know, tailgating is the 'practice