Take That

Gary Barlow has revealed he's in talks to return his seat on The X Factor judging panel - with bosses reportedly offering
Singer Gary Barlow signed up a wide range of musicians to perform at The Queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee concert in London
Robbie Williams has revealed he would sleep with men if he was offered the right amount of cash. In a candid web chat with
People can be as snobby as they want about Gary - but there's no doubt this man can put on a show-stopping performance. Of course Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald were missed - but they're off having a well-earned holiday while Gary continues to thrive on his charity projects.
Gary Barlow, who first shot to fame in the nineties with boy band Take That, has had fans swooning all over again since he
To plant the really not-ever-so-Christmassy bonnet on it this year, M&S have taken the 'carol singers at your front door' motif and run with it, re-casting the traditional shower of untalented local school kids (not without some degree of irony, theweemo notes) with this year's X Factor contestants.
This week, the UK population reacted as if we had been collectively slapped by a wet fish when we saw the headlines proclaiming that Take That backing singer Jason Orange was dating comedian Catherine Tate. Still got a look of disbelief on that pretty face of yours?
Robbie Williams has split from his long-term record label EMI, which has been behind his entire solo career. The star famously
Take That star Jason Orange and funnygirl Catherine Tate are enjoying a secret romance, The Sun can reveal. The boyband singer
Many people in the live music industry don't like the ticket re-selling industry... That dislike often blinds people to the unspoken and inconvenient truth that ticket resale is part of the live music ecosystem and, like agents or venues or artists, can't be eliminated without causing a major disruption to the entire industry.