Taken 2

When you see Liam Neeson holding a gun and looking grumpy on a poster or DVD cover, it's easy to dismiss the advertised film as a Taken knock-off not worthy of your precious time and money. Neeson might seem to many like a brilliant actor who has been sadly burdened and pigeon-holed by Hollywood's desire to sell a very specific skill-set.
If Liam Neeson was taken unawares by the success of his hit 'Taken' with his role as a protective father gone stir-crazy
Twentieth Century Fox has been ordered to pull an ad for the film 'Taken 2' after a watchdog found that glowing reviews used
Liam Neeson's big-budget sequel Taken 2 has taken a satisfying $50m at the US box office in its opening weekend, taking it
Liam Neeson based his action hero character in the Taken movies on the real-life weapons expert who helped train him for