His heartbroken girlfriend described the incident as 'cruelest twist of fate imaginable'.
The African Diaspora Forum has called for justice.
The video clip shows the woman kissing and embracing another woman at a party.
He halted his administration’s decision earlier this week to lift a ban on the import of elephant parts from two African nations.
Imagine what you were doing when you were 11. You had probably just started secondary school, perhaps you dreamed of being a doctor, artist, computer scientist? Maybe you looked forward to the weekend when you could go to the cinema with your friends, go swimming or shopping.
For now, they still have to report to a police station in Tanzania every day.
Early last year, a schoolboy named Wahiba slurped down a bowl of watery porridge in his school in the slum of Kibondemaji
Southern Africa and even the continent may be borderless: an SADC passport is on the way.
At birth, my parents were told I would not be able to attend a mainstream school and were given lists of the things that my visual impairment would prevent me from doing. Nobody ever suggested that there'd be ample Hollywood career opportunities to play an evil albino monk in the Da Vinci Code and certainly nobody dreamed I'd end up as a doctor working for the NHS.