The presenter sparked controversy with a speech addressing the backlash the government aide had received over his conduct during lockdown.
Oversharing your hen do snaps or wedding plans are also no-nos... apparently.
Dinner parties offer the antidote to current politics but only if nothing is off the table.
Any adolescent reading Tatler and in love with Brooklyn Beckham doesn't care whether he's 'legal' or not, so who is that message actually for? For people in their 20s and 30s? "Don't sweat it, guys, you can jerk off thinking of him and not worry about being sent to prison", is that it? Thanks for the heads-up, guys, but I'm good, honestly.
With 'Posh People' - based on the readership of Tatler magazine - on one channel and 'Skint' on another, it's probably time to address the growing inequality and the huge class divide...
Forget working hard for your A-levels and getting further qualifications, and instead just be polite, the editor of high
For the fading aristocracy whose magazine of choice is still Tatler, the phrase "state school" is as foreign as an Iceland
To be honest, I've never been an avid Tatler reader. Which isn't to say I have anything against the publication as a whole
Outspoken Tory MP Nadine Dorries has launched a fresh attack on David Cameron, branding him patronising and sexist and challenged