With pointed vampiric teeth, titanium horn implants and fluorescent eyes, it’s not necessarily Maria Hose Cristerna’s tattoos
I'm not Jeremy Clarkson. Let me make that absolutely clear. In fact I care not one bit for pretty much everything he says and does and his attitude, which can be summed up as, "Shut the fuck up, hippie, I'm talking," makes me wish I was a short, black lesbian working-class aristocratic motorphobe, just to be as unlike him as possible.
With winter approaching and more of my income going on heating bills, I have been thinking of ways to raise money, heat my one bedroom flat, and live through this recession with relative ease.
Heine Braeck, 33, from Sarpsborg, Norway, has been without an right arm since he lost it during a freak accident when he
This week saw some of London's most celebrated artists gather to view some striking scenes about the art of tattoo. Wednesday
Megan Fox has revealed she's having her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed - because she's "over it". The Transformers star has
A former white supremacist has underdone 16 months of painful surgery to remove the racist tattoos that used to cover his
Victoria Beckham has unveiled her husband David’s latest tattoo to the world via Twitter. The former Spice Girl tweeted: “Harper
The early 1990s were a golden era in postmodern black consciousness and 'X' was a symbol of empowerment emblazoned across the chests of so many young black men. However, within three or four years of such a potent resurgence of black radical thought, the 'X' tees seemed to disappear into the bottom drawer. So to see this symbol re-emerge on a suit jacket in 2011 was positively sublime.
Smallman, whose Tattooligan show won Best Comedy Show at last year's Hollywood Fringe, posted a video of himself getting