taxpayer money

So let's speak up for foreign aid...even if selfishly.
We are told, time and time again, that the government should spend taxpayer money wisely, efficiently, and sustainably. Often these pronouncements are followed by promises to use taxpayer money well by cutting government spending and making efficiency improvements. There is an assumption behind these statements that is utterly inaccurate and dishonest, however. Namely, that there is such a thing as "taxpayer money."
Millions of workers face having to give money back to the government after inadvertently paying the wrong amount of tax. Mistakes
The Queen has received a £5 million boost in the funds she receives from the taxpayer to carry out her official duties. The
This is the game of capitalism that we are all playing and Sir Richard Branson has been playing it very well; this deal surely not being the last. If we ever find ourselves angry at Virgin or Sir Branson, maybe we just need to start thinking of a new game to play.
Councils have spent as much as £1.2 million on award ceremonies such as 'British Parking Awards', the 'International Rose