Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga has made a revelation about what goes on behind close doors in her relationship with Taylor Kinney, admitting that
Lady Gaga put the gold into the Globes on Sunday, as she debuted a new ladylike look at an after party. The 'Do What You
Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney made a very public statement that they are still very much an item by sharing a
We love Lady Gaga, but we're not quite sure we'd want her as our bridesmaid - there would always be the risk she'd upstage
Lady Gaga may not be too pleased to see Cameron Diaz getting stuck into her boyfriend Taylor Kinney. But the singer needn't
Could Lady Gaga soon be hearing the pitter patter of mini Gaga feet? She will if her boyfriend Taylor Kinney has anything
Whilst she said she 'didn't care' if people think she is fat as she 'did gain about 30 pounds', Gaga added she couldn't believe
Those weight jibes have REALLY got to Lady Gaga. So much so in fact, that she's stripped to her undercrackers and posed for
But as she stepped out of the car, she looked to be recreating THAT scene from Bridesmaids. Let's hope she hadn't had some
*Ok, so that headline might not be strictly true. BUT Lady Gaga has at least pretended to get married to her boyfriend Taylor
We got extremely excited when Lady Gaga was seen arriving at a bridal shop yesterday, sparking rumours she had got engaged
We've spent years wondering what Lady Gaga's wedding would be like and how off-the-wall it would be, but we may not have
We absolutely LOVE the fact that the once elusive Lady Gaga has begun to open the door to her private life. And now the star
Things are obviously going well between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney since they rekindled their romance. This weekend they
Meeting the parents is always a big deal, but if these pics are anything to go by Lady Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney has
With all that Lady Gaga has got on at the moment - a world tour, writing a third album, and rubbing belly buttons with Taylor
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney chill out together on her hotel balcony in Brisbane The couple split in May after ten months
The actor apparently jetted out to Thailand to join Gaga on her Born This Way Ball tour, and then continued on to Singapore
Long distance relationships are hard enough at the best of times but when you're Lady Gaga they must be pretty darn impossible
She's spoken candidly about her love for both men and women in the past but it seems Lady Gaga is taming her ways - the star