taylor review

Those on the receiving end need to organise and fight - with a bit of solidarity from the rest of us - for a much better deal, whether that's more pay or better conditions.
It will be disappointing if the Prime Minister, weakened as she is by a cross, confused electorate, fails to implement the reasonable recommendations put forward by Matthew Taylor to improve rights for those 'self-employed' by digital giants. It would send an important signal.
The long-awaited Taylor review on modern employment practices has been published with a focus on flexibility, increasing
As a Hermes courier, I find Taylor's suggestion ridiculous. It gives the likes of Hermes a legitimate excuse not to pay couriers correctly for the work they do - and may in fact allow such companies to reduce pay even more.
As general secretary of the CWU, I fully accept our own union must do more in the industries and sectors where we organise. But I also know no union can win by acting alone. This is why the CWU has consistently called for a concerted campaign to shift the balance of forces in the world of work and bring an end to insecure employment models and in-work poverty. Specifically, we say this means unions must come together like never before to deliver a new model of trade unionism.
It is not too late for the Government to take action to create fairness and security at work. It is in everyone's interests that they do. My door is always open if the Prime Minister is serious about listening to the real concerns of working people, but I won't hold my breath.
In summary, there are movements in the right direction within the government's response to the Taylor review making rehabilitation and restoration central to the youth justice system and there is a firm desire within government to go on reducing the number of young people in this system