taylor swift 1989

Another day another PR triumph for the US pop star Taylor Swift. By the simple expedient of writing a cheque for £1300 to help a fan pay off her student loans, Taylor has again secured wall-to-wall positive coverage in the US, the UK and around the world.
Taylor Swift may have conquered the charts this year, but there's one place her name won't be headlining, according to her
If we'd just shifted almost 1.3million albums in the US in the space of a week we'd be popping open the champers - not so
Taylor Swift has -- completely unannounced -- pulled her entire back catalogue from Spotify, including her newest album '1989
Taylor Swift has announced plans to head off on a ‘1989’ world tour, which will include a stop-off at the British Summertime
Taylor Swift has unveiled a new song from her upcoming album ‘1989’, and has already prompted speculation it may be about
If you're a fan of Taylor Swift's poppier output then you'll be pleased to hear that the US star has ditched the country