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The more you practise, the deeper you go, you begin to break patterns in life that no longer serve you, you find a deeper peace in life as you take your practise out of the hot room and all the alignment you find in the yoga, you bring to your daily life.
There are a couple of very simple steps we can take right now. Starting today. First, we can invest funding to prevent unemployment, not just pay for it; ensure children are familiar with business and finance from an early age; place much greater emphasis on job skills and vocational training, and get our young people job-ready as a priority. And, most vital of all, plan long term and execute short term, starting in the most deprived areas of the UK.
The National Audit Office's report, Training New Teachers, is a stark warning, confirming that there is a serious national crisis in both teacher recruitment and retention. The Department for Education (DfE) seems to be in denial, blaming anything but its own policies, like a child pointing the finger of blame at others to cover up its own poor behaviour.
There is almost unanimous agreement among teachers of the importance of promoting literacy across all subjects, but teachers need more support to enable them to fulfil the literacy requirements of the new National Curriculum, according to our new research.
Six episodes later, 16 months into teaching and although I'm still exhausted, I'm perpetually rewarded by the incredible students that I'm fortunate enough to teach and learn from. There are moments where students tell me to "go write a song about it in the bathroom", but on the whole, I'm happily rebranded as the Marilyn Gandhi-loving, red chino-donning, Inbetweener-impersonating, over-zealous, Scottish, eccentric teacher.
The more we discover about education and learning, the better chance all students, whether they're young people or adults, have at succeeding. Labour's licensing policy could, if done right, be the best way to transform the teaching profession for the better.
When I was a child, attending a small Catholic state primary in North Wales, our times tables were something that were drummed in to us. Teachers, and my mum, who was a single parent, knew the value of being good with numbers and being able to do your "sums". And the key to it all is practise. You can't do it without practise. But somehow we think that you can confine maths to five sessions of 45 minutes or so a week (the numeracy lesson) and that's good enough. It isn't.
What do I know about teacher training? I know that some of my most respected colleagues completed PGCEs and some of them came into teaching via Teach First. I don't judge them on their training but on their ability to teach and to be consummate professionals in a job that requires strength and leadership.
More than 5,000 untrained teachers will be told they must gain a formal qualification or face the sack if Labour win the
Now that the arts have safely returned to the classroom, we need to ensure they are utilised as much as possible, across all subjects in the curriculum. we have seen that using the arts in the classroom helps nurture children's communication and language skills, analysis and teamwork.
Whilst the initial plans to implement the EBacc were incredibly alarming, the loud and very public backlash also proved that Britain is proud to be the cultural capital of the world. We must now keep this momentum going and ensure that our teachers are delivering the arts in the classroom with as much passion and creativity as possible.
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