teachers strike

The education of the next generation is so important that we cannot stand back and do nothing about it. We are standing up for education and calling on our government to fund it appropriately.
Imagine, if you need to, being on below average wages and finding out that because some wealthy bankers crashed the economy you wouldn't be getting a pay rise any time soon. As I say, only imagine this if you need to. There is a very good chance you know exactly how it feels. If you work in the public sector, it has happened to you...
Teachers work some of the longest hours of any profession with many working 50-60 hours a week. Our work is essential, our pay is not high, our pensions not gold-plated and we cannot be expected to work more hours than we already do. There comes a point when it is impossible to ignore what is happening.
Over the next few weeks, many teachers are going on strike. The NASUWT says: "parents understand we have to stand up for our pay and conditions." The NUT adds "Parents are very supportive of our position". Well here's the tough love on that one. We don't understand and we don't support you.
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