teaching methods

A strong tendency towards a predominantly English education system is noticeable in multilingual South African schools.
'Bubbles' technology, a first for South Africa, utilises QR codes in textbooks to unlock richer learning.
Many schools and parents are struggling to grasp the notion of 21st century education – what it is and what it means for them and their children.
I wish that learning can be a fun and educational process for every student - and their families. I have little faith in
Too often, schools and education systems (and by extension, teachers) are focused solely on getting their students to pass exams through memorising and rote-learning, thereby robbing the next generation of the opportunity to use their brains productively and richly.
According to the report, it was noticeable that students were making 3D and colour notes in their storyboards when creating levels for the game - these were in audio, colour and moving forms. Dr Passey believes this form of technology could be used in the future to create notes and presentations that would serve some students better.
A school that has introduced a new rule telling pupils to make a thumbs up sign instead of putting their hands up in class