Technology Strategy Board

"How many robots do you encounter during your day?" The answer, I expect, is none... the great news is that we have some fantastic UK entrepreneurs ready, and inspired by the mission, to lead the RAS charge from Europe.
To the roboticists of course, potential practical applications for such products are endless - including within business, education and security.
A team of British superhero robots has invaded America. There's MapleBird, one of the smallest unmanned vehicles in the world
Its 8am on a Friday morning and I'm sitting in a busy airport lounge waiting for my flight to San Diego. Why? Because this week is the kick off the week-long entrepreneur Mission to California for UK companies working in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) - and it's destined to be an inspiring one.
Fuelled by the growth of electronic medical records, according to The Telegraph people of all ages are waking up to the potential
The government is backing or high growth potential technology sector, giving them the best chance to succeed on a global scale. Missions such as the ones launched today will play a vital part in making sure that we can export our exciting innovations abroad, helping to boost the economy and support business.
We did a survey recently and three quarters of the people we asked wanted an alternative to a care home if they become dependent in older age. We believe this means there is a need for innovative thinking to revolutionise long-term care, including how it is delivered and what it should look like.
The UK space industry is a well hidden success story. Like other nations, the UK is targeting space as a high-growth sector. More competition than ever is coming from Brazil, China, India and South Korea, which all have government-subsidised space programmes.
Recent predictions from the Office of National Statistics suggest that one in three babies born today will live to 100 and beyond. Bearing in mind our ageing population, we've been doing quite a lot of work over the past five years to think about how we can enable us all to live our lives the way we want to, where we want to.
It's hardly surprising that so few of us are looking forward to getting old. While most people can appreciate that it's better than the alternative, a lot of the time it's not that much better. Never before in human history have so many of us lived so long, and we're singularly ill-prepared for this change in the shape of human lives.