In a world more socially connected than ever before, it is hard for niche tastes to maintain their exclusivity. This is the
Though a long tradition it is one that has been proved wrong so many times and perhaps represents a greater threat to our future well-being than the technologies of which it is so fearful.
The sad reality is that digital isolation affects many more than 7 million adults. Two years ago, if you asked my mum (who is in her 70s) if she was online, she would have answered yes - because she had a computer and she'd used the internet. But I can assure you she wasn't because, at that time, she needed me to sit beside her just to make a Skype call.
So you've finally relented and bought yourself a smartphone, but the thought of using all those apps fills you with dread
Here's an update: I don't need any more phone updates. My phone's already an awful lot smarter than me; no need for any more now. It tells me the time, gives me my email, lets me send and receive texts and, for those moments when waiting two seconds is too long, instant messages.