Ted Cruz

The leaders of AfriForum which referred to apartheid as a “so-called” historical injustice, toured Washington to meet top members of the U.S. government.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) proclaimed the GOP “happily” the party of Homer Simpson (and Bart, Maggie and Marge) in an interview Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Twitter was in stitches.
'Who knew Ted Cruz was a porn again Christian.'
US Senator Ted Cruz was trending on Monday night, for all the wrong reasons. While Americans were commemorating the 16th
WASHINGTON ― Hours after opening debate on a Republican health care bill, the Senate roundly rejected the first of a series
While in the first round of the French Presidential election, opinion polls got the results to within 1% correct, the industry
On 23 September 2016, US Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most ferocious republican opponents and runner-up of Donald Trump during the Republican primary, announced that he was eventually endorsing him. Why endorsing him so late? Why endorsing him at all?
The viral masterminds behind ‘Bad Lip Reading’ are back yet again, dubbing over famous clips with a less-than-perfect interpretation