Ted Cruz

UPDATE: Ted Cruz wins Republican nomination in Iowa caucus Republican politician Ted Cruz has been embarrassed by his own
However, the 2016 campaigns have also given birth to some very good adverts. Entitled 'These Hands,' this spot from Ben Carson's
Or as one tweeter put it: Still no Muslims! Despite the outcry at home and abroad, Trump still wants to ban Muslims from
Americans are in a warlike mood. At rallies, Donald Trump receives cheers for promising to assassinate family members of
A large Trump head “All Trump’s words do is divide people,” she told HuffPost. “He’s just a buffoon. He’s a billionaire who
Less than two months after Ben Carson drew ire for claiming a Muslim should not be made president, fellow Republican candidate
Senator Ted Cruz cooked bacon on the barrel of a “machine gun” on Monday. Why? Because he’s just so gosh-darn Texas isn’t
NEW YORK -- Another week, another wonderful Trump outburst as the Republican presidential candidate solidifies his position
While the Ted Cruz Electoral Machine is in full throttle, something disrupted his schedule: he poked his nose out out of the closet as a possible online games addict.
NEW YORK -- It’s been 11 years since a member of the Republican Party won a presidential election. Ted Cruz, a rambunctious