Ted Hughes

In the eleven years since Luke Kennard won the Eric Gregory Award for The Solex Brothers, he has released five collections
Friday 8th May 2015 Oh, poop... So the world has suddenly become a lot darker. Well, Britain has suddenly become a lot bluer
We are surrounded by more distractions than ever today. Social networks offer endless opportunities to publish short thoughts without the effort involved in crafting the 200-pages of content you might need for a book.
For anyone unaware of the project or those uninterested, they'll be powering the project by day and should they cross the bridge at night then they'll be pleasantly surprised.
The main attraction is Tony Scutt's brilliantly inventive set. Set in God's allotment, his garden of creation, stacks of blue painted pallets are packed high with plants and sprouting garden plots scattered amongst them.
For Clare Morpurgo, who set up the educational charity Farms for City Children in 1976 with her husband Michael, the acclaimed children's author, the memories that have informed her life's work stem from the village of Iddesleigh in West Devon.
Yes, we're getting out the poetical cake again and lighting some candles because today is Ted Hughes' birthday! And, thanks
Does your favourite novel mean more because of the environment in which it was created? Scholars of great writers point to
So why is a child's mind so inherently poetic? A good portion of it comes from the fact that children are at a linguistic disadvantage to their elders and will often brilliantly bridge the gap in a creative fashion.