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Boys should stop being encouraged by the porn industry and mainstream journalists into seeing it as something they can and should obtain through coercion. Teen Vogue shouldn't bully feminists into being quiet when we express our views of their misogynistic journalism.
'The Diary of a Teenage Girl' contains scenes of sexual awakening, of lusting after inappropriate objects, and is as awkward
The age of consent should be lowered to 14, an equal rights campaigner has suggested. Peter Tatchell hit out at the "depressing
David Cameron has slapped down a public health expert who asked for a debate on lowering the age of consent. Professor John
Radical hackers Anonymous have rallied behind a lesbian teenager expelled from school and charged by police for an alleged
David Cameron has rejected an "offensive" suggestion by officials that the age of sexual consent might be reduced to 14. The
More than one in four young women first have sex below the age of 16 - a greater proportion than previous generations, figures