Bieber's fan base can easily be compared to a religious extremist group. They seem to want to take over the world and convert anyone in their path. The worst bit about them is not the sheer disgraceful manner that many (but admittedly not all) behave in when someone disagrees with them.
We've all got to start somewhere, and if Coding for Dummies is where Summly app creator Nick D'Aloisio learnt the basics, I'd suggest Michael Gove gets it on the curriculum quick-smart. Erase that, I'd get Nick himself on the curriculum. With a triple-dip recession on the horizon, Kim Kardashian the woman most little girls want to grow up to be and recent graduates still struggling to find full-time employment, shining the spotlight on the country's brightest start-ups and entrepreneurs seems such an obvious idea. Even the current government might chance upon it.
Last weekend, Ireland was consumed by something terrible, something dark, something that could tear the fabric of Irish society apart as we know it. Yes, Ireland has been struck dumb by the menace of threesomes.
It dawned on me that Elisha's Things To Appreciate List is actually the path to contentment for us all. Taking the time to enjoy the small stuff, to notice and relish even the most basic of what we have and to fully savour the special times is surely the route to happiness.
In order to deliver a safer internet in the future, we must take a holistic approach to internet safety across industry, educators, families and young people.
I guess it's a bad thing that in today's society 'The Future' is not seen as something positive or aspiring, but instead something you have to prepare for with a trillion exams and work experience.
Caught at a stage in their lives when they should be concentrating on their studies and having fun with their friends, many Syrian teenagers are now in a position where they have to take on serious responsibilities, yet lack the autonomy of adulthood.
It is important that professionals, parents, carers, and society at large take this report as a wake-up call. We all must be alert to the signs and take action to protect children. There are too many cases where children have tried to tell and have not been heard.
If you thought that your children were clubbing with Penguins or feeding livestock on a digital farm oblivious to the threat of ecological disasters, smell the coffee that organisations running such networks have uncovered.
After the fast living, rock star adrenaline pumped existence of nonstop touring, partying and god knows what else, the Glam Rocker announced it would take a while to settle back into civvy life. To hasten the process, within two hours of his arrival, jet-lagged and plane-weary, I dragged him straight to the antenatal unit for our 20-week scan.