Every now and then, a bit of slang comes along that draws a line between young and old, in 2012, that slang term was "YOLO". For those of you who don't know; the term YOLO was popularised by US rapper Drake and it stands for "You Only Live Once".
If you're looking for adolescent role models, SW3 is a pretty good place to start your search. Admittedly, it's that bit easier to get a job at a hedge fund when your Dad is or knows a hedge fund manager - but the cast are all career minded.
The stats show that almost as many children run away from areas of high and low prosperity. It's boys as well as girls. And the most common age is 13-15-year-olds, though we've seen instances of far younger kids too.
Do we really live in a world where anything goes? According to the BBC's Cherry Healey, we do. In a recent programme, 'How to Get a Life' on BBC One, she repeated this statement more than once.
I'm not suggesting we offer girls different PE. I don't believe our feeble muscles and cosmetic commitments require daintier pursuits, like needlepoint or medium-impact gossiping. No. We should offer ALL kids different PE, if they want it.
The last few months have been tough. Exams are finally making an appearance, Prom is actually coming together, and a trio of Dutch exchange students have just joined my school, and oh my goodness, they are adorable.
Yes, it is terrible that children are developing concerns about body image at younger and younger ages, but it's only because their parents are so riven by these concerns too. You can't ringfence children off from this while these pressures run rampant through the rest of society. If you are to stop children being affected, you must do something for adults too.
This recent development for Facebook is one of many that is turning the website into a real player in the entertainment world. The site recently began a movie rentals service and the latest deal with Spotify could turn Facebook into the online platform for streaming music.
As a child, holidays were effortless. I remember waking up in a little Greek B&B, the sun streaming through the shutters. Running outside to see the blue sky hanging over the calmest sea.