Terrence Malick

The situation is simple, I want to say I have it, but I am very conscious that this might not be the case. This lack or perceived lack of taste is directed, in particular, to my appreciation of the arts ... The question is simple, am I a pleb or a connoisseur?
I'm ashamed to say it but until this morning I was a Terrence Malick virgin.
Rachel Weisz was yesterday reported to have been cut from director Terrence Malick's new film. The reclusive director is
Terrence Malick needs an intervention. Hollywood, can you please challenge his pretentiousness. Convince him to remove the voiceovers and stock footage from the Discovery Channel. He is an addict that needs tough love, not more nominations.
Natalie Portman is returning from maternity leave with roles in two new Terrence Malick films. Deadline reports that the
Hollywood stalwart Brad Pitt talks about his role in Terrence Malick's hugely ambitious and passionate masterpiece The Tree
What happened when Hollywood's most photographed actor teamed up with Terrence Malick, its most reclusive and paparazzi-shy