terrorist attacks

The best thing you can do may be to take some time off to reflect quietly on what you went through. Reconnect with friends and family who are important to you. Talk about your experiences if you want to but don't carry on if you feel the other person's response is not helpful. Don't feel obliged to talk about the events or answer questions about them just because others are curious.
The Metropolitan Police Service took just eight minutes to shut down the terrorist attack.
As news of the terror which took place at Westminster Bridge broke out at the school gates on Wednesday, there were feelings
If you see or hear any Islamophobic commentary in the wake of what happened in Westminster, please say something.
Parents worried about how to talk to their children about terrorism can now turn to a new video released by the NSPCC for
An injured woman is carried away from the scene Family friends said she had taken her husband on holiday to help him recover
An injured woman is carried away from the scene James McGuire, 60, was among the dead, the Mail Online reported. The website
Monday it was Sydney; yesterday it was Peshawar, and tomorrow, is could be anyone or anywhere else. Pessimism doesn't do anyone any favours when it comes to perception of the future, but in this case, I feel as if it's not entirely pessimistic as it's the truth, it's unfortunately the world we now live in. Is there anywhere that's actually safe from the relentless grip of terror?
A British man accused of plotting a terrorist attack was caught on a bugging device laughing and singing along to violent
There probably isn't much scope for one in Britain but if you're going travelling to or already live in a war zone then this