tertiary education

The accounting field has never been more of a persona non-grata than it is now.
"Being an African student should come with a visa that recognises no borders and no barriers when it comes to accessing education on our continent."
Deputy Minister of Higher Education Buti Manamela urges tertiary institutions not to refuse students with outstanding fees from 2017.
It’s not enough any longer to simply want to learn.
Zuma’s rushed unilateral decision ignored all sensible views that it can’t be done in the way he is proposing.
'It would be hypocritical for those of us who have university qualifications to say that South Africa should forgo universities altogether.'
"I am assuming that government will meet its commitment to us, so our job now is to try to make this work."
The situation has worsened from last year’s real pass rate of 40.2 percent -- suggesting that our schooling system is not a ‘system on the rise’ as claimed.
Institutions of higher learning have become huge white elephants.
Students can fall easily through the cracks at university, and the stress and anxiety can cause a lot of mental-health issues.