Thabo Mbeki

Thirty years ago a group of dissident Afrikaners traveled to Dakar to meet the ANC. The event helped set in motion political change.
History may well repeat itself if the balance of power in the ANC shifts further from Zuma and his allies in coming months, say analysts.
Mbeki used Zimbabwe as an example.
Almost three times as many spoke in defence of the president as those against him at the weekend's NEC meeting.
There is a need to deepen dialogue across all sectors of our society – the kind that brought our country back from the brink of disaster.
The ANC wanting to end Jacob Zuma’s squalid, incompetent and shameful presidency is no reason to recast the Mbeki era as some sort of golden age
"Our economy is in a more powerless position than its ever been since 1994."
The former president says MPs should remember this during the vote of no confidence debate.
"We are deeply encouraged that Comrade Kathy remained committed to principle to the end."
How a stubborn denialist Mbeki almost torpedoed his own brain child.