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Boris Johnson doled out "vulgar abuse" in the row over a third runway at Heathrow airport, the boss of a government-appointed
Boris Johnson's "mad" plan to build an ambitious £65bn airport on the Thames Estuary is distorted vision comparable to something
London Mayor Boris Johnson on Friday defended his proposal for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary east of London, after
It is really disappointing that the debate about aviation capacity in the South East has become about Boris Island versus an additional runway at Heathrow. The issues about the provision of capacity and how best to deliver it generate many more options. This is a debate which needs to be conducted in the interests of Great Britain PLC. Sadly it seems to be more influenced by those who live under the Heathrow flightpath and those who are so scared of airport expansion anywhere near their own backyard they somehow think that plonking an airport in the middle of the Thames Estuary is the magic solution.
Infrastructure is a hot topic at the moment and hit the headlines again today when Ken Livingston rejected the idea of a new airport for London in the Thames estuary. Livingston's view on this particular project is another example of the single-mindedness of politicians across the world.
Some 25 airports in emerging markets that connect regularly with European airports do not connect with Heathrow. If the constraints on the operation of Heathrow were removed, by 2021 ability to serve China and Brazil would almost double compared with what could be provided if current restrictions on operations were maintained.
While Boris is fannying around trying to get a £50 million project off the ground, the rest of the United Kingdom is struggling to feed mouths and keep their shelter. An incoherent move? We'd say so. So what's Boris's trail of thought here?
Nick Clegg says he's "unpersuaded" of the need to build the "Boris Island" airport in the Thames Estuary, confirming that
The Mayor has sold his Estuary Airport plans as visionary, but it is a vision which is already 50 years out of date.
The UK government has been talking about building a new airport in the Thames estuary for over 30 years. And every time a new plan is put forward, it's been rejected -- for very good reasons.