Archaeologists were able to match three key clues from Caesar's own account.
The first evidence of the invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar has been discovered by archaeologists in Kent. Artefacts such
'Hidden history, under your feet, even on a shopping spree.'
Images of a labyrinth of what are believed to be secret war tunnels have been revealed - snaking right under the Thanet branch
Back in the 1980's I did what many had done before me, I left my small town and moved to London to pursue my fortune. I grew up in the industrial town of Luton in Bedfordshire and for most of my childhood I expected a future that was like my father's, to work in one of the many factories that dotted the town
Brother Faisal at the Right Sector rally in Maidan Square The racists of Broadstairs do not wear uniforms, but they walk
Ross Kemp, the actor turned bold investigative reporter renowned for fronting fearless documentaries from global hotspots
Vile thugs have attacked the home of a UKIP Kent county councillor, smearing obscene political hate slogans all over the walls of his garage last weekend. The attack occured in the Thanet South parliamentary constituency where Nigel Farage is standing, and may be part of a cowardly attempt to intimidate political campaigners in advance of the May elections.
The website used to have some very Ukippy poetry... A Ukip spokesman told the Huffington Post UK that he "laughed" on finding
Murray managed to muster a decent crowd during his walkabout, unlike Farage who was accused of massaging the figures during