The Apprentice 2013

Thousands of viewers have called into the BBC asking for cosmetic surgery help as a result of watching the final of 'The
This season's 'The Apprentice' is well under way - so we think it's about time we brought out the bingo card. Treat yourself
It has been confirmed that an earthquake which rocked Wales on Tuesday night was caused when Alex Mills - a contestant on
As early as midway through the first episode we gain an appreciation of whom we are going to collectively despise. It is normally the irritating cretin who takes it upon him/herself to come up with a team name such as 'oblivion' or 'evolve.' Why they feel compelled to come up with such lame post-apocalyptic names is beyond me.
I like the opening five minutes of The Apprentice the best I think. Mainly because of the contestants' VTs; which this year contained some very bold and arousing statements. "I am a great of my generation. I take inspiration from Napoleon," so says a small man wearing ladies sunglasses.
In a video created for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface and David Schneider, the Lib Dem leader faces his toughest challenge