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My dearest Lord Shuggs. I hope this letter finds you decanting drinks in your drawing room, dressed in a vintage smoking
The Apprentice gave me the platform I needed to raise investment to set up HRS, however it is not for everyone. Don't forget The Apprentice is a TV show. It may have worked for me but it is the lessons you develop day to day, and the person you are, that really makes the difference.
I already knew snippets of the Smith story - that Lohan created the boutique hotel website with her husband, for example, or that she had earned an MBE for services to the travel industry. What I didn't know was that she had recently became an angel investor, that she finds time to do the morning school run every day despite working full time, and that she never set out to be an entrepreneur.
When it comes to choosing the next President of the United States, there's only one man up for the job - host of 'The Apprentice
Last Sunday it came down to two candidates, Joseph Valente and Vana Koutsomitis who both became favourites halfway through the season as they showed great leadership, business prowess and teamwork. Yet despite their qualities, Alan Sugar was only interested in one thing and that's their business plan.
Joseph is going to be successful, I don't think anyone watching the show would question this, he would charm his way into the best of any situation. He is very likeable too and I wish him all the best.
I do feel Gary's team was somehow on a road to failure as soon as the nut allergy was mentioned, that no matter what happened from that point they were lining up Lord Sugars puns about the mother going out on a stretcher etc. Allergies are a serious issue of course but no doubt the options were limited and drama expected.
Every autumn, this mysterious woman appears, directs people to a boardroom and looks intently at a blurred out Excel spreadsheet. There are so many questions surrounding this enigma.
Fans of 'The Apprentice' have called for a boycott of the show after Karren Brady voted in favour of tax credit cuts in the
Ok so this episode was a combination of two of my favourite parts of The Apprentice. The abroad part and the scavenger hunt. Essentially the task is the most simple. Find everything on the list for the cheapest price. The team that doesn't gets penalised.