The Big Short

People want to know because learning about the creative process of artists and writers is fascinating, and it's also a reminder that all great work starts somewhere and changes and grows. That's why it's genuinely such a joy that Grayson Perry has published parts of his sketchbooks from throughout his career...
Last weekend I watched, and loved, The Big Short, a film based on the book of the same name by Michael Lewis, which describes a group of disparate outsiders who each spotted the colossal financial malfeasance which gave rise to the banking and housing crisis of 2008. The writer-director Adam McKay manages to create a hilarious, sharp, clear and compelling movie, all the more impressive given that the subject matter is, frankly, pretty dry and horrendously complex - riddled with acronyms and nuanced money manipulations in identikit boardrooms.
For a film with perhaps one of the least imaginative titles going, The Big Short sure does give you one hell of an introduction to the recent banking crisis.
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Adam McKay laughs when I tell him that one of his award-winning cast, Steve Carell, told me recently it was Adam’s anger
'The Big Short' deals, comedically but forensically, with the financial crisis of 2008 “He’s so smart and funny but, at the