The Bridge

Hands up, all those in mourning for The Bridge. Yep, without Saga’s mustard-coloured car, Martin’s extramarital wriggles
So it’s all over, finally. We know who did it, and why. And once again we’ll have to find a way of detaching ourselves from
Horrible, unseasonal weather… time to curl up under the rug and see what’s on the box, and there are some real genuinely
Here we are, Episode 6 out of 10, and it seems we have a culprit. Stefan Lindberg, the eccentric vigilante, who swerves between
Friday The Graham Norton Show – BBC 1, 10.35pm On Graham’s flourescent sofa this week: acting royalty Julie Walters, Chelsea
How wonderful – Saturday night, 9pm, BBC4 and another Nordic thriller. We’ve had The Killing, then a burst of coalition politics
Here comes another… like a bus. Slipping seamlessly into the Saturday night slot vacated by The Killing and then Borgen, comes