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Don't listen to Fox News, America: Birmingham isn't "totally Muslim". And while we're on the subject, here are 14 other things
This week, snow lies across the country, suppressing mirth and stilling the air. The land is quieted, as is our national spirit, for it occurs to me that something is amiss in these isles. What became of English rumbustiousness, what Jacobson has called an 'obdurate independence'?
British stars Dame Helen Mirren, Russell Brand and singer Jessie J will delve into their homeland's history as part of a
A holiday based around an emotion? Can the British cope with that? We can only just manage Valentine's Day. Having to express both romance and gratitude in one year might overload us. We're not great at giving thanks, at least not when it matters. I've said thank you to shop assistants probably a hundred times in the last year. Have I thanked my parents for bringing me up in that time, or my partner for his support? Of course not.