The Budget

In my view, Chancellor Phillip Hammond has a great opportunity on Wednesday, when he lays out his spending plans for the year, to help solidify the important work the Government, and individual families, have been doing to teach children about their finances. Taking a longer term view when setting the Budget could have a dramatic effect in increasing the life chances of young people.
The current crisis in social care in England (and let's be under no illusions, for 'crisis' is what it is) should come as no surprise. Demand and need for social care, especially but not exclusively, for elderly people, has been rising for many years, and is forecast to grow at accelerating rates for many more years. as it has for younger adults.
Today is World Consumer Rights Day. But since this awareness day started back in 1983, there has been a group of consumers that are continually overlooked. That group is disabled consumers, and while the Government puts their spending power at over £200billion a year, rarely are goods and services developed with them in mind.
The budget, ah the Budget. Being the huge and confusing, media-charged behemoth it has become, I lack the patience or wisdom
The aftermath of the Budget will be dominated by talk of who is better or worse off, but will it come too late for some of the most vulnerable people in our society? Support for youth homelessness is not on the verge of a funding crisis. It's already in one.
Running the government budget is fundamentally different from running a household budget. Simplistic dogmatic wheezes, such as enshrining budget surpluses in law, could cause real damage to Britain's economy. Mr.Osborne, please listen to the advice of experts and bin the policy.
Annuity. It's one of those dull financial terms designed to confuse and frighten people into giving their money to bankers to make the scariness go away. However, with George Osborne's budget speech focusing on reforming the pension system, annuities have been driven to the forefront of the news agenda and could alter the way we view finances leading up to retirement...
In this year's budget, George Osborne announced that the UK's economy will witness growth in 2014 of 2.7%, reaching levels we haven't seen since pre-recession in 2008...
George Osborne should focus on three things: improving the UK's start-up environment; making education more entrepreneurial; and boosting the industries with the potential to explode.
The Chancellor's plan to build Britain's first garden city in 100 years in Ebbsfleet has been welcomed by some with open arms. The promise of more homes in the south east is a good thing, but 15,000 new homes barely scratch the surface of the real number of properties needed across the country.