the church

When it's time to work on something that we all agree on, whether its saying Yes to the EU or No to David Cameron, (neither issues that Tory back benchers seem that unified on...) there is no reason to assume we'll be less effective for all of our partner groups. As a matter of fact, the evidence suggests quite the opposite.
I find the notion of forcing a group of people to accept a view they do not agree with a horrifying one. I do not believe a church should be forced to marry people they do not want to, even if its policy may seem old-fashioned or bigoted. That change in stance has to come from within the church itself, otherwise it is a disturbing expression of totalitarianism.
To say I have never had to fight would be incorrect. Things are changing, however; the gender ratio of those training for the priesthood is currently 50:50. Many predict that women will soon predominate.
"What would Jesus do?" everyone is asking. It's not outrageous to suggest that he would regularly sip a West End cappuccino with a prostitute friend on one side, and a desperate drug addict on the other. Certainly, the complexities of the modern world wouldn't scare him off.