The Co-operative

The blaming of the number of foreign players for the decline of the England squad, like the blaming of immigrants for the decline of job opportunities or wages is a smokescreen, detracting from the real issue.
Former CEO Euan Sutherland's parting shot across the bows of The Co-operative Group (The Group) following his resignation
This has not been an easy time for The Co-operative Group. The departure of its CEO, Euan Sutherland, and report by Lord Myners on boardroom failures, has prompted a good deal of public and private debate, not least around the model of governance that the business has.
Week in week out the 32 Co-operative MPs, 17 Peers, 4 Members of the Scottish Parliament, 9 members of the Welsh Assembly and hundreds of councillors champion this same vision of a society where power is shared more evenly; where businesses are run in the interests of members and communities .
The challenges of The Co-operative Bank and the furore around the role of the former chair, made co-operatives - businesses that are member-owned - an unhappy national news story in late 2013. Three months on and I feel that I can breathe again. But what difference did these high profile troubles make to the wider co-operative sector and the long-term reputation of our business model?
Where our food comes from is a hot topic, and people have lost trust in pre-prepared food - especially after the horsemeat scandal which hit the media in May this year.
The Sun cannot possibly continue for much longer against this groundswell of opinion. But given its stringent, seemingly intractable, position of defending Page 3, it seems that it has boxed itself in. There are rumours that News International has created a task force to look at how Page 3 could be revamped and modernised. Yet how to do this without losing face?
The Co-operative is to set new targets for increasing the number of women on its boards under moves to make them more representative
The first fairly traded coffins, handmade from bamboo and willow by workers in Bangladesh, are being made available in the
Profits at the Co-Operative Group have plummeted by a third in just six months after PPI claims, fierce retail competition