The Conservative Party

The right Conservative Brand Essence can help to provide a tangible plan as we navigate the process of leaving the EU. It can help the current 'anxiety audience' to cope with the everyday volatility and the screaming press headlines. It can help them to regroup, as a country, around a political party with a core belief and vision.
For the first time since I can remember, I watched in amazed disbelief as mental health made headline six 'o'clock news: I felt emboldened by the issue finally being thrown into the spotlight, and grateful to Sir James Munby for gallantly doing it. I then felt furious when, without a hint of irony, newsreaders were telling the public of Theresa May's pledges on mental health.
Be very wary of jumping into bed with a party that promises to fight to remain in the EU but is happy to be in government with a regressive party. When should we progressives start openly trusting the Lib Dems again? Well if they can rule out forming another government with the Tories that would be a start.
It's as if Nicky Morgan feels that she has not yet made her mark as Education Secretary - has not, as her predecessor did, yet succeeded in alienating the entirety of the teaching profession - and is determined to put this right.
Politicians and campaigning organisations attempt to engage my generation with simplifications and pop culture references, gimmicks to make politics more 'accessible,' as if the tit-for-tat and basic narratives of the main parties' election campaigning are too much for us. Wrong: it's not enough.
Now, I'm on record as saying that 'You Only Get What You Give' is an example of pop songwriting perfection, so I had a look. It turned out the Tory party had used the track at their conference, one of that shower of bastards walked on, or off, stage to it.