The Descendants

"Hawaii is just a magical place, so often it didn't feel as if we were actually creating a film. The crew were all barefoot
This year's Oscars may not have been filled with great surprises - well, except for Sacha Baron Cohen spilling Kim Jong Il's
Now there's another reason to love Jim Rash - apart from the fact that he writes and stars in Community. Last night, Rash
The Artist crowned a phenomenal awards season with the Oscar for Best Film, as well as four other gongs during the biggest
We live, we are told, in an age of independence, when individuals possess more ability to take control of their lives than any previous era in history.
Woody Allen was the toast of the Writers Guild of America awards last night after his film Midnight In Paris landed the Best
Working on location in Hawaii, being directed by an award-winning film maker with a big budget in his purse, oh, and having
George Clooney is desperate to get his hands on tickets to this year's Olympics in London. The Ocean's Eleven star's schedule
Rippling with a snappy script, a perfect running time (just over 100 minutes) and with a cast all giving the performances of their lifetimes, The Descendants is one of the most engaging, thought-provoking and supremely crafted films of the year.
George Clooney is having a VERY good awards season. Still celebrating his Golden Globe win as Best Actor in a Drama for his