The Emperor's New Clothes

Teaming up with director Michael Winterbottom (Road to Guantanamo, The Shock Doctrine), Brand retains the vitriolic straight-to-camera polemic that has become his trademark.
It is interesting to hear Brand - a man believed to be worth some £15million - discussing the privilege capitalism affords the elite. Presumably, he enjoys this privilege hugely. Did he not, he would divest himself of it.
Russell Brand’s charisma is a unique quality that transcends economic barriers, according to the director of his new film
Russell Brand doorsteps Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere about his tax arrangements, in his new film 'The Emperor's New Clothes
Typical. You wait ages for one thing called 'The Emperor's New Clothes', and then two come along at once. Yes, not only has
Twitter has taken over my life. I've been owing a new blogpost for a couple of days now but I've been too busy either with employment lawyers, home insurance calls,sorting out Mr Pregnantcitygirl's wisdom teeth extraction with BUPA or messing about on Twitter.
As we grow, do we simply forget how open life should be? What an incisive jewel truth is? Or does life become so complex that pretending is a bare essential for a grown up?