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I voted Remain. I am passionate about the EU, I work in research and believe me the pain is very real for me, my friends
It is no coincidence that the Leave campaign didn't offer a post-Brexit plan. It became clear in the days following Britain's decision to leave the EU that any plan would have thwarted the Leave camp's victory. The reason is obvious: the expectations of Brexiters are disparate and often contradictory. To make concrete pledges, therefore, would have frustrated potential voters.
Whilst in the south of France this week I have been reading French and German perspectives regarding the forthcoming EU referendum in the United Kingdom.
Ukip undoubtedly attracts supporters from all walks of life - a party polling strongly just three months before a General Election must - but our Ukip Index illustrates the types of voters most likely to have been won over.
What a couple of ding-dongs! The debates, I mean, not those taking part. LBC and the BBC allowed our two heroes to square up to each other over the course of a brace of battles. Who came out the winner?
I believe, like countless others, that staying in Europe is the only way of securing Britain's future prosperity. But for me these economic arguments run deeper, to the core question of what type of country we want to be.
Poland is willing to let the UK renegotiate its relationship with the EU in an attempt to stop David Cameron leading Britain
Following days of reaction in the press to David Cameron's EU speech, the Huffington Post UK has produced a two-part feature
The EU needs to be brought closer to its citizens. Introducing a basic understanding of its workings in the National Curriculum could bridge the gap between a media-directed view and an actual understanding.
The European Union has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012. Judges said Europe deserved the prize because it had helped advance