the fault in our stars

I'd love it if people who wanted to know the realities of cancer read real accounts of living with cancer, either written by sufferers or those close to them, and if we could dispel these ideas that cancer is all bald heads, cake, trips abroad, and profound moments.
John Green's books for young adults have sold in their millions, and made him, according to Time magazine, one of the world's
He may have been a relative unknown up until now but, with three huge films in the pipeline, we think you’d better get used
If his role as the lovestruck Gus in the tearjerker 'The Fault in Our Stars' isn't enough to get his many fans swooning, Ansel
If, for some strange reason, you haven't got into the mindset of your average, self-respecting young adult recently, you
We all have our favourite books but what makes some books so special that they become a favourite book for millions of people? Without doubt, great editing, engaging cover art and clever marketing all play their part but I am more interested in what the initial ingredients are that go into making the writing itself special.