The Game

When conversing with a woman, it's important to assert your masculinity through mind games. While she's talking, very subtly bring out a sourdough roll and place it on the table. This will let her know, through subliminal means, that you have what it takes to be a breadwinner, thus making her more likely to invest in you.
I agree that it's unhelpful to villainise the men who sign up for these workshops. I also accept that not all PUAs are like Julien Blanc. I'm sure there are those who adopt a healthier approach, who, at the very least, don't go around advocating sexual violence. I'm sure there are some good apples. But I also don't think Blanc is a one-off.
I sometimes meet some of those that attend these seminars in my psychiatric clinic. I take it seriously because a lot of people think it's a bit of fun and it's not - what it is - is exploitation of people with low self worth and often extreme naivety coupled with the hope that it's the answer to their dreams.
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