The Gathering

"The [ANC] conference will not be a watershed moment because this is the continuation of the rot that began in Polokwane," said EFF leader Julius Malema.
Zimbabwe's former finance minister, Tendai Biti, believes multiple crises converging at a critical juncture caused Zimbabwe's military coup.
'What the f*ck are you damn here for? F*ck off man' -- Mngxitama
If I am lucky enough to be able to afford a holiday, no matter how carefully I try to tailor it to my idiosyncratic needs, bring my own teabags and chocolate from home, or how desperately I need the break from work, homesickness always seems to strike me, even when on what should be the most perfect holidays.
This, according to one individual, is what it would be like to live on Saturn. Although resembling bacteria navigating a
Compared to other games, LARPing is the only one which allows you to completely immerse yourself into the setting, and perhaps offers the player their best chance to experience what it would be like to be someone else. That is until full Artificial Reality video games are realised, which will not be for some time.
The Gathering, the UK's largest live-action role-play (LARP) festival, or Fest as they are more commonly known, took place
The future of LARP is undeniably promising. The continuing creation of new LARP events proves that there remains a strong player demand for new and alternative settings. Similarly, new traders serving the live role-play community are still being founded, whilst existing traders adapt their stock in order to appeal to the burgeoning market.