The Globe

The news this week that Emma Rice will be stepping down as artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe in 2018, less than a year after she first took up the position, demonstrates the theatre to be anything but progressive in its creative vision, as its board decided that she was not 'authentic' enough to continue.
A new piece of research suggested that people would rather have an electric shock than be left alone to think. So, I decided to see how I fared on the 'being alone with yourself' front, and took myself out quite deliberately, for an evening of pure, self-directed enjoyment.
Hopefully, that last question is the one that most writers keep in their minds above all. We hope that if we make it true and we make it well, it will chime a chord with people enough to do the rest.
Aptly enough, the Globe is embarking on a global tour - visiting every country to perform the tale of the tortured protagonist wrestling with how to avenge the murder of his father. One of the countries the Globe plans to visit is North Korea.