The Hobbit

“I’ve dated men. I’ve dated women. I don’t know why anyone would care.”
Hundreds of bloodthirsty Hobbit fans came together over the weekend to take part in a re-enactment of the 'Battle of Five
Lesnie won his Oscar in 2002 for his work on the first of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy of films, ‘The Fellowship of the
To celebrate the release of 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' and the epic ‘The Motion Picture Trilogy Box Set
On the first day of the formal election campaign, the Labour Party have unveiled a celebrity supporter. Martin Freeman, the
The chief soon meets a satisfyingly grizzly end, but one of his henchmen, Alfrid, is washed up alive and goes on to become a source of derision throughout the film. The reason? He's a man who is an unrelenting coward.
Martin Freeman might be known all over the world for his role as Bilbo Baggins, but as part of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch
Excited about The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies? Want the inside scoop on the 11 scenes that are so mind-blowing that you will have to watch them again and again and then probably once more to fully understand and appreciate them? Ask and thou shall receive...
JR Tolkien fans, the time has finally come. The last film of ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy is officially out in cinemas, meaning Peter
As Andy Serkis prepares to say goodbye forever to Gollum, he remains absolutely convinced that his unique portrayal of JRR