The Imitation Game

If I've learned anything from last month's failed Parliamentary vote, it is this - we all need to remember, myself included, it's not enough to start the conversation, but we need to follow through - and we will.
Benedict Cumberbatch may have lost out on an Oscar to his fellow Brit Eddie Redmayne, but, for his committed portrayal of
As a Doctor who specialises in the analysis and the motivations of people - outside of work my favourite thing to do is to go to the cinema with my cousin (himself an award winning film maker) and then pouring over every detail of characters, story and plot lines.
The Oscars 2015 will be remembered as a night of powerful, personal speeches made via the podium from the heart. The evening's
Keira Knightley hit the red carpet at the Oscars on Sunday night, arriving at LA's Dolby Theatre. MORE OSCARS: The Academy
Benedict Cumberbatch and his new wife Sophie Hunter have made their first public appearance since getting hitched, and where
Turing was posthumously pardoned and while he was a hero, there are thousands of casualties of that terrible law, thousands of men who are not heroes, but who cannot be overlooked for justice simply for seeking out the relationships to which all people are entitled... With this petition, I'm happy to play a small part in a campaign that can materially improve the lives of men convicted under discriminatory laws. The British government did the right thing by pardoning Turing, and now it's time for another positive step forward.
Eddie Redmayne may have just taken another big skip on the road to Oscar, with his triumph in the Best Leading Actor category
The BAFTA Awards 2015 are upon us, as this evening's glamorous guests of London's Royal Opera House wait to discover who's
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today rejected a plea to get involved in a campaign to pardon tens of thousands of gay
Jean Pitt-Lewis and Betty Webb (second and third from left) with fellow Bletchley veterans Marion Body, Marigold Freeman
This year's BAFTA nominations were announced this morning and, as expected, screen favourites Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie
Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne have both received a nod on the Golden Globes nominations list, along with fellow
Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne are set to go head-to-head in the battle for the Outstanding Performance By A Male
The Queen sent her first ever tweet at the recent opening of a new exhibition at London's Science Museum. The tweet read: 'it is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @sciencemuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.' The Queen has a history of engaging with modern technology.
Benedict Cumberbatch and his fiancée Sophie Hunter have made their first public appearance since announcing their engagement
The acting is absolutely superb with a stunning central performance from the internet's favourite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, whose portrayal of the tragic hero is full of depth.
We always knew Benedict Cumberbatch was a man of many, many talents but he's just gone up a notch or five after giving Alistair
Benedict Cumberbatch is a man in demand. His fans, variously, want to know when Sherlock is returning to the small screen
Benedict Cumberbatch has opened up about his previous sexual experimentation, that took place while he was at boarding school