The Kooks

It's tough getting through the throng of women. It's Friday night and Sam Gray's set has just ended. Sweat is pearling on his brow. He bows and steps from the stage. The four other band members lay down their instruments and grin at each other.
Hello and welcome to my third installment of Morning Parade madness on The Huffington Post. I'm sitting in our rickety old LDV van affectionately named Winston that we bought back in the earliest days of Morning Parade, we're currently hurtling at the mighty speed of 70 mph on the traffic laden noose hung around the neck of London better known as the M25.
I urge anybody who reads this to exercise this same tactic in life; don't be afraid to be yourself, not everyone will like you; but a few will and they're really the only ones that will matter in the end.
I'm coming to the end of a year that has been full for us guys, and also it really is a mad time to be alive in general I think. Do you ever wake up and think, we live in time of such change and progress and yet seem to be standing on the edge of the abyss?