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"The NHS urgently needs clarity and certainty about Brexit".
'Stretched to breaking point sooner than we may imagine.'
Millions of people living in dozens of UK cities are inhaling air the World Health Organisation (WHO) considers too dangerous
Staff levels, funding, drug safety, even transplants 'at risk'
Brexit poses “substantial threats” to NHS staff levels, funding and drug treatment, according to a new study in the respected
We need to change the conversation. We can stop laying the blame for a major public health issue in the laps of individual women, and acknowledge the collective responsibility of us all to remove the barriers to breastfeeding which lead to eight out of ten women reporting they had to stop breastfeeding before they had wanted to.
Stillbirth is still a difficult subject to raise with pregnant women. There is a taboo about it as if by talking about stillbirth, you are making it a possibility. We believe that if you deliver that message in the right way, it doesn't have to be scary.
For many, spending time with the wider family over the festive period is likely to have brought with it the knowledge that
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I say ending violence against women and girls requires all of us - men and boys, women and girls, governments, communities and activists. I genuinely believe that we have a common goal. And I genuinely believe that we can work together in a way that does not reassert male power over women, that keeps women and girls at the centre, and focuses on transforming gender inequality rather than just adding men and boys.
A third of Alzheimer's cases are potentially preventable if people improve their lifestyles, according to a new study. Factors