The Lost Generation

Today marks the thousandth day of the conflict. For over two and a half years, children have lived through a nightmare of death and destruction. Losing their homes, their schools and the carefree lives they once knew.
I am often bemused when I hear discussions about the future of quality mainstream journalism. Most newspaper journalists
There needs to be more recognition of the transferable skills developed by this type of activity: teamwork, communication, empathy; in essence, all the things that businesses say that they are crying out for from young applicants.
The 'Lost Generation' tagline isn't helpful - it's both a reductive and totalising gesture that throws graduate media interns in with teenage school leavers as if we're all one soupy, melting pot of despair.
Another week of gloomy statistics. Another bad week for the UK's lost generation. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the latest figures of unemployment this week, which has reached 2.62 million. Youth unemployment has hit 1.02 million.