The Mindy Project

While chatting with Ellen DeGeneres, she also confirmed she’s expecting a girl.
Morgan has become one of the most memorable doofuses in sitcom history.
And then something magical and rom-com worthy happened. He asked her out! On Twitter! So far no word on when the date will
Successful TV shows are powered by conflict. The characters face difficult decisions, or impossible situations, both externally and internally, and we tune in to see how they grapple with them. The irony of The Mindy Project, a series about an eponymous New York based doctor, who, the website tells us, is 'a skilled OB/GYN trying (and failing!) to navigate her romantic life with dignity and grace', is that there is no sustained conflict.
Although my school days are over, late September still feels like the New Year. It is again this time of the year when I'm looking forward to watching television.