the new statesman

I'm 11 years old and I'm stood at my white MFI desk in my pink bedroom, in a bungalow, in Redditch - home to Rik Mayall, Kevin Turvey and me. I'm holding a purple and black spotted furry photo frame about the size of a passport and wondering what to put in it...
Rik Mayall was remembered by his close friend today as having "such charisma - to see him live on stage was an amazing experience
As with just about every feminist campaign in history, it didn't take long before we found a backlash. Ours came from fellow students as well as university bodies, calling a boycott of The Sun illiberal, painting us an authoritarian, conservative voice out to censor people's freedoms at every corner. 'But what about the free press?' came the replies.
It may lack the gravitas of Argentina vs. Britain, the cool credentials of Blur vs. Oasis and the action of Mayweather vs